Echo Plus

A tablet running the Echo Plus software and two phones running the Echo One software







Features &

Echo Plus is an easy-to-use, portable network benchmarking solution which runs on commercial off-the-shelf tablets and has the same measurement features as Echo One.

With Echo Plus, it is possible to control up to six Echo One handsets and a scanner over a BlueTooth connection. This enables users to conduct surveys and optimize equipment: Echo Plus enables the user to control several different Echo devices simultaneously in real-time with only one set of measurement configurations which adds to the efficiency of performing measurements. With it, you can perform multinetwork and service testing with ease. Automatic device discovery makes setting up measurements a breeze.

Echo Plus is a software-only product, and its licensing is delivered via our Cloud service. The Cloud service is the backbone of the Echo solution and gives you unparalleled features to control and manage your Echo tools remotely.

Echo Cloud enables license administration and transfer, the synchronization and control of Echo tools, and the management and exporting of measurement log files.

Having Echo Plus running on commercial tablets and with Cloud as an integrated solution not only saves you from spending money on a custom hardware but also allows you to easily transfer licenses from one device to another and even between different chipsets at no extra cost. In addition, automatic software updates guarantee that you are always running the latest software.

Our cloud-based solution is completely independent of physical production chains. Thus, the deliveries and manufacturing capabilities are stable, swift, and flexible.

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