About us

Enhancell is a software company creating new and innovative tools for wireless network testing needs. Our team of mobile network experts and creative software designers are striving to simplify the network testing. Our headquarters is in Oulu Finland and we have an office in Miami FL.

We are trusted partner of several major cellular operators and network manufacturers.

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  • Designed for easy
    indoor data collection

    Echo product line is designed from ground up to make indoor measurement user-friendly and efficient. Features such as iBwave map support, online indoor map repository and one-click map creation make indoor measurement easier than ever before. Simultaneous cellular and Wi-Fi logging enable a single walk measurement, further reducing your time and work when making indoor surveys.

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  • Powerful outdoor
    data collection

    Fully automatic device detection on Echo products makes setting up of the drive test easier than ever before. Intelligent GPS sharing makes losing of GPS tracking thing of the past. Remote configuration and drive route push make drive test management more efficient than you have ever experienced. No more re-drives due to incorrect configurations.

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  • Efficient benchmarking

    Echo product line along with ZK products offer wide range of solutions for cost effective benchmarking. Instead of bulky benchmarking kits Enhancell offers all the same features in more portable and efficient platform. Whether your need is for portable indoor benchmarking or drive-test benchmarking using high device count we have a solution that perfectly fits your need.

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