COVID-19 impact on Enhancell

Our company, like many others, has taken steps to follow the officials’
recommendations and regulations to ensure our employees’ safety, and to keep
our operations running as usual at the same time. Our company is promoting for
our employees to telecommute during this time. However, since our team is
international and spread across the globe, telecommunication has always been
part of our work culture. Therefore, the current situation has had very little to no
effect on our operations.

Our products are software-only, and our licensing is delivered via cloud service.
This cloud-based solution is completely independent of physical production
chains. Thus, our deliveries and manufacturing capabilities have not been
affected or restricted by the current situation. Our customers can rest assured
that we keep providing support and software updates as usual.

The importance of well-functioning wireless networks is emphasized when social
distancing is the first step in keeping everyone safe. We want to do our part by
helping network providers to keep people connected otherwise. Therefore, we
continue to develop our wireless network testing tools to meet our customers’
mobile network testing requirements with flexible solutions and schedules.

Stay safe, stay connected, and wash your hands!
Enhancell team
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