Echo tools 3.2.29 upgrade for Echo handheld tools

We are happy to announce the Echo tools 3.2.29 upgrade for handheld tools!

This new release includes various 5G-related improvements such as PCTel scanner-related improvements and updates to Qualcomm 5G parameter decode.

For Echo Lite, this new version fixes an issue where network parameters freeze after system change in some scenarios.

Please note that this is a maintenance release and therefore it does not introduce any major new features but rather various improvements and bug fixes.

The added features, improvements, and fixes in full include the following:

Added features:

  • MCC and MNC in scanner results for 5G when the messaging collection is set on in configuration. The same functionally was already available with GSM, UMTS, and LTE, and now it is available with 5G as well.
  • UMTS Ec/Io rank and RSCP rank are included on the offset list.
  • UMTS Ec/No and RSCP per antenna in active, monitored, and detected sets.
  • 5G Connectivity Mode parameter to indicate non-standalone (NSA) or standalone (SA) mode.

Improved features:

  • The name ‘signal’ in the spectrum and enhanced power scans has been renamed more accurately to ‘signal power’.
  • The scanner edit configuration dialog has been changed to display channel number in the list of sub configurations when scanning 5G NR.
  • 5G PCTel scanner result values have been removed when SINR for the given set is less than -10.00. This is due to the resolution for 5G being exceeded which means that SINR, RSRP, and RSRQ for that set are out of range.
  • Qualcomm trace versions have been updated.

Additional Fixes:

  • Some phones reboot incorrectly during band locking.
  • Wi-Fi not activating after a script ending if Wi-Fi was active when the script started.
  • RX antennas display the wrong value with newer trace versions.

The new versions will be pushed to Cloud shortly and they will be offered as an automatic update.

Happy upgrading and Happy New Year!

Enhancell team

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