Echo handheld tools 3.2.44 upgrade

We are very happy to announce Echo handheld tools 3.2.44 upgrade with new features, fixes, and improvements!

The new features and improvements include for example an additional waypoint synchronization for indoor measuring to improve the accuracy of the waypoint results, and better stability when connecting Echo Connect to a handheld device to ensure smooth operation.

Though concise, this Echo handheld tools 3.2.44 upgrade includes some key improvements to make Echo handheld tools run smoothly on all supported devices. Please see the lists of new features, improved features, and additional fixes below.

Upgrade for Echo One, Echo Plus, and Echo Connect

Echo handheld tools 3.2.44 upgrade: Echo Ones devices with Echo Connect attached to one of them, Echo Plus devices, and an upgrade icon.

The added features, improvements, and fixes include the following:

Added features:

  • Extra waypoint synchronization to end measurement which guarantees the correct waypoint results in all clients
  • CID has been added to WCDMA active cell list

Improved features:

  • Stability when connecting Echo Connect
  • Application startup time has been decreased
  • Non-UTF8 characters have been disabled for notes
  • The memory footprint of certain parameters has been lowered
  • The connecting process to DRT scanner

Additional fixes:

  • Crash issue with Xiaomi 12 Pro
  • UMTS HS-PDSCH throughput displaying 0 for some phone models
  • LTE decoding of timing advance

The new 3.2.44 versions of Echo One and Echo Plus will be pushed to Cloud shortly and they will be offered as an automatic update on the application.

You can also check out a post about the release on our LinkedIn profile and like, comment, and share it!

Lastly, here is a tip if you are uncertain about updating: you can always configure which version you want to be installed in the Cloud. For example, you can specify the version on a sub-account basis, assign a different version for one user for verification, and propagate the update to the rest of the users once verification testing has been done.

Happy upgrading!

Enhancell team

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