Echo tools 4.1.26 update for Echo handheld tools 

We are happy to announce Echo tools 4.1.26 update for handheld tools! Echo One, Echo Lite, Echo FT, and Echo Plus have all been updated to a new version.    

The update focuses on added parameters, improvements, and some bug fixes. See full descriptions of the updates listed below! 


Added parameters & improvements  

  • Added LTE RACH parameter 
  • Added Codec Mode DL and UL parameters for EVS 
  • Added IMEI to device updates 
  • Added PUSCH TX power to on-site summary 
  • Added support for WPA3 Wi-Fi 
  • Added warning about the local mode to start measurement dialog 
  • Added detection of changed indoor maps in Cloud, in which case old local map is backed up so new one can be downloaded 
  • Optimized Qualcomm diagnostics trace processing 
  • Added support for 5G measurement licenses (provided by the controller) 

Additional fixes 

  • Fixed issue with app not starting on 32-bit Android devices (introduced in version 4.1.11) 
  • Fixed issue with some colors showing up empty in color legend 
  • Fixed issue with crash recovery deleting ongoing recording if recording was started very quickly after app startup 
  • Fixed issue with locking dialog showing both SA/NSA bands selected when either one was selected 
  • Fixed login credentials when using both sub-account and non-default server 
  • Fixed issue with app sometimes crashing when exiting 
  • Fixed issues with transferring bigger files using streaming 

The new versions will be pushed to Cloud shortly and they will be offered as an automatic update.  

Happy updating! 
Enhancell team 

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