Echo product line 3.0 release with full 5G measurement capabilities

We are happy to announce Echo 3.0 release with a complete 5G testing product line. This upgrade supports measurements for a wide range of 5G parameters ensuring the full advantages of 5G measurement for our customers. In addition, Echo product line 3.0 introduces a variety of new features making your Echo product more powerful than ever!

What is new

New Echo product line 3.0 features include:

  • Full support for 5G measurements using commercial phones based on Qualcomm and HiSilicon (Huawei) chipsets.
  • Full support for 5G scanner measurements using PCTel scanners.
  • New improved locking function allowing phone forcing without rebooting the device. This applies to most of the supported devices*.
  • The new locking function allows phone locking controlled from Echo Plus and Echo Studio, including an improved UI for selecting locking.
  • The new UI includes also an indicator displaying locking status of the phone.
  • Layer3: Updated RRC decoder for the release 15 with full support for 5G signaling decoding.
  • Option to have dedicated private Cloud server in the customer’s desired geolocation**.
  • For extra security in Cloud access, we are introducing a two-factor authentication for our cloud service. This user-configurable feature adds extra layer of security for Cloud access by enabling user verification via email.

5G measurement performed with Echo One 3.0

*For more information on these devices, please contact Enhancell sales.

**For more details on the private Cloud server pricing, please contact Enhancell sales.

5G licenses

Echo 5G license allows full 2G to 5G measurements on supported Android and Harmony OS handsets***. In addition, existing 4G licenses are upgradable to 5G making it convenient and cost-effective for our existing customers.

Echo 5G license is also a universal license. This means that with a single 5G license we support multiple chipset vendors. This gives our customers unparalleled advantage when it comes to selecting or upgrading their test devices: no additional costs for a new license!

***Capabilities vary between various phone models, please contact Enhancell sales for more information.

Set-up potential

Echo product line 3.0 enables several unique and advanced measurement functionalities and set-ups. Echo products make it possible to perform complex indoor measurements with both a scanner and phones, or to benchmark different networks with multiple phones and/or a scanner in a light backpack solution, all controlled by a lightweight Android or Harmony OS tablet.

Software-only solution

Echo products are software-only, and licensing is delivered via our cloud service. This license concept allows advanced measurement set-ups such as multiple test devices spread over an entire test area, remotely controlled from a central dispatch. What is more, our log file handling and analysis is cloud-based which enables extremely fast log file analysis immediately after testing.

This cloud-based solution is completely independent of physical production chains; therefore, we can always deliver products to customers swiftly and flexibly.

3.0 version updates will be available in Cloud shortly.

Happy release and upgrading!

Enhancell team

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