Echo product line 3.1.5 upgrade with improved License Administration and added UE information

We are pleased to announce Echo product line 3.1.5 upgrade with major new features. This upgrade streamlines license administration and brings several technical improvements to the table making our Echo solution more convenient than ever!

Two major features of this upgrade:

  1. Users can now choose which licenses are taken from Cloud for their Echo device.

License selection and received licenses

  1. information on User Equipment (UE) capabilities added to the Phone Control menu

Phone control menu and UE capabilities

Additional new features:

  • Distribution parameter for LTE displaying percentages of Rank 14
  • LTE RSRQ per antenna parameters for HiSilicon chipset phones
  • Channel locking support for HiSilicon chipset phones
  • Support for setting an airplane mode in scripts
  • eNodeB ID to 5G NSA Coverage page
  • LTE CA bandwidth parameter

You can find detailed information about the new features and bug fixes on version history.

For all customers with a valid support agreement, the new 3.1.5 versions will be available in Cloud shortly and free of charge.

Happy release and upgrading!

Enhancell team

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