Echo product line 3.1 upgrade with HiSilicon (Huawei) chipset support and new, improved User Interface

We are pleased to announce Echo product line 3.1 with full official support for HiSilicon (Huawei) chipsets and significant UI improvements. This upgrade widens the range of handsets supported by Echo even further and adds to the flexibility of our solution substantially. What is more, the support for the new chipset does not affect the flexibility of our licensing. Our licenses are universal which means that they can be transferred not only between different handsets but also between handsets with different chipsets at no additional cost!

What is new

  • Full official support for HiSilicon (Huawei) chipsets
  • Network panel with locking feature and network information added to the UI
  • Real-time data and test progress information on the control bar added to the UI
  • New ergonomic and customizable location for the measurement and test control button added to the UI
  • New 5G displays for more detailed information
  • Support for various new 5G phone models
  • Tunnel mode allowing manual position entry when GPS is not available

HiSilicon chipset support

HiSilicon supports the latest Kirin modems for 5G measurements. In addition, Huawei phone models do not require rooting. The customer simply sends a request to our support and receives instructions on what information we need from the phone to enable it for Echo product line.

For a start, we support the following Huawei phone models:

  • Mate 30
  • Mate 30 Pro
  • P40
  • P40 Pro

With 3.1 release we support Huawei handsets with both our handheld Echo One tool as a standalone system and with our Echo Studio tool.

The UI update

The UI improvements with Echo One 3.1 release include several new features making the use of Echo One easier than ever.

First, the new UI introduces a completely new panel on the screen, the Network Panel. The Network Panel includes two functions: it embeds key information of the active system and the locking status of the phone. The locking icon also allows you to control the locking.

Network Panel with the locking status off and on

Second, the UI update enables customizable position of the measurement and test control button. The button can be set on the left or right side of the control bar for easier reach depending on the user’s preference. This ergonomic design enables another great feature: The control bar now includes a real-time test progress display and a real-time display of data rate information in numeric and line graph form. You can observe the test progress and data rate information quickly at one glance as you go.

The control bar with the real-time test progress display and the control button locations on the right and left side of the control bar

This UI update enhances the user experience on visual, ergonomic, and informative level making the use of Echo One more convenient than ever.

Universal license

Our universal licenses can be transferred from device to another without any extra cost. With the new HiSilicon support, this applies also to license transfers between devices with different chipsets. Selecting or updating devices for measurement is simple and cost-effective with Echo because license transfer between devices comes at no extra cost, only the cost of the new locally-sourced device.

Software-only solution

Echo products are software-only, and licensing is delivered via our cloud service. This license concept allows advanced measurement set-ups such as multiple test devices spread over an entire test area, remotely controlled from a central dispatch. What is more, our log file handling and analysis is cloud-based which enables extremely fast log file analysis immediately after testing.

This cloud-based solution is completely independent of physical production chains; therefore, we can always deliver products to customers swiftly and flexibly.

For all customers with valid support agreement, the new 3.1 versions will be available in Cloud shortly and free of charge.

Happy release and upgrading!

Enhancell team

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