Echo Scanbox official launch

We are extremely happy to announce the latest addition to our Enhancell Echo product family: Echo Scanbox! This ultra-lightweight, pocket-size compact design product is perfect for field testing. Scanbox also supports multi-technology, multi-carrier, and multi-band parallel testing.

Scanbox offers map control and test sequence scripts through Android mobile devices and live display for monitoring purposes. With Scanbox it is also possible to force lock to a specific testing band capability.

Product images

Echo Scanbox product image

Easy and flexible to use, Scanbox is powered by the mobile device’s USB port. Convenient in size and lightweight, Scanbox does not need any extra space or effort. Echo product family products, such as Echo One, Echo Lite, Echo Plus, Echo Studio, and Echo Zero are compatible with Echo Scanbox.

Core technologies
  • Chipset – customized design for fast network search
  • Algorithm – patented algorithm for agile cell scanning
  • Portability – Special fine-tuned for efficient field test
Typical application scenarios

Cellular network operator

  • Multi-technology benchmarking survey
  • Coverage comparison with competing vendors

IoT service provider

  • LTE coverage audit
  • IoT infrastructure maintenance and troubleshooting

Spectrum regulator

  • Cross-border coverage evaluation
  • Interference hunting
More information and contact information for full details

Check out also the product page of Echo Scanbox on our website here to find out more detailed information about the product. You can also check out a post about Echo Scanbox on our LinkedIn profile.

For full details of the product please contact our sales at and request a brochure and/or a free demo.

Happy launching!

Enhancell team

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