Echo Studio 3.2.33 upgrade is out now!

We are happy to announce Echo Studio 3.2.33 upgrade with several new features, fixes, and improvements!

The new features and improvements include a BlueTooth view for mobile devices, the option to send messages to devices from the device view, optimization of real-time data streaming, and several other fixes. See full descriptions of the features and upgrade lists below!

BlueTooth view for mobile devices

The BlueTooth view has been added to the dashboard for mobile devices. The BlueTooth view displays BlueTooth information in real-time from the BlueTooth devices picked up by the Echo device connected to Echo Studio. The BlueTooth information includes the BlueTooth devices’ mac address, name, RSSI information, device class, and the time when the device has been last seen.

BlueTooth view for devices on the dashboard

Messages to devices from the device view

The option to send messages to devices from the device view has been added to Echo Studio. This enables easy message sending to devices from Studio for example when performing drive tests with Echo handheld tools connected to Studio while Studio is being operated in the office.

Sending a message to a device

Real-time data streaming optimized

Real-time data streaming from other Echo tools via Cloud has been optimized for better performance and to use fewer data. This change also makes it incompatible to stream from earlier than 3.0 versions of Echo tools. Therefore, make sure to have newer than 3.0 versions on the devices if you wish to take advantage of this feature!

Other fixes included in this release

This release includes also various fixes. See the full list of the fixes below!

Fixed issues:

  • iperf3 testing
  • Synchronization cell data not displaying in KPIs for LTE scans
  • Survey view occasionally requires refreshing after choosing which items are visible
  • Dashboard list not always being completely visible
  • LTE parameter lists occasionally display old values after a channel change
  • Occasional crash issue related to Cloud sync
  • bad_weak_ptr exception when running quick plots over multiple files
  • LTE TX and RX antennas not synchronizing with Serving Cell Config List
  • Workspace bar not cleaning up properly when the loader is canceled
  • Occasional crash issue with report template downloads
  • Crash issue when copying scanner configuration
  • “Not-available” empty indoor map not displaying coordinates correctly
  • Occasional crash issue when trying to load multiple files at once

The new version will be pushed to Cloud shortly and it will be offered as an automatic update.

Here is also a tip if you are uncertain about updating: you can always configure the version you want to be installed in the Cloud. The version can be specified on a sub-account basis, so you can assign a different version for one user for verification and propagate the update to the rest of the users once verification testing has been done.

Happy upgrading!

Enhancell team

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