Echo Studio 3.2.43 upgrade is out now!

We are happy to announce the Echo Studio 3.2.43 upgrade with several new features, fixes, and improvements!

The new features and improvements in the Echo Studio 3.2.43 upgrade include options to improve the visuality of legends and Quick Plots, system clock notification, 5G support for iBwave export, and various other fixes and improvements. See full descriptions of the features and upgrade lists below!

Legend size adjustment option

To begin with, this upgrade adds to Echo Studio the option to adjust the legend size in reports and Quick Plots for clearer visualization of data. Simply change the scale percentage of the legend in the settings. For instance, you can not only increase the legend size to display the legend information in a larger and clearer form but also decrease the size to give more room for the map image itself.

Legend size adjustment options

Echo Studio 3.2.43 upgrade includes legend size adjustment option. Legend scale can be defined in percentages.

Filter description removal option

What is more, the upgrade includes the option to remove the filter descriptions from the plot labels in Quick Plots for a clearer and simpler display of Quick Plot labels.

Filter description removal option

Echo Studio 3.2.43 upgrade includes also the option to remove filter description on Quick Plots.

System clock notification

In addition, from now on, the startup includes a notification if the system clock is off for more than 20 seconds. As a result, the user can make sure that the device operates accurately and is able to produce precise and accurate measurements.

System clock notification

Echo Studio 3.2.43 upgrade image of the notification about system clock being out of sync.

The full features, improvements, and fixes

The full lists of new features, improvements, and fixes include the following items:

Added features:

  • The option to adjust the legend size in reports and Quick Plots for clearer visualization of data
  • The option to remove the filter description from the plot labels in Quick Plots for clearer visualization of data
  • Notification in the startup if the system clock is off for more than 20 seconds to enable the user to improve the accuracy of the device and further the measurements
  • 5G support for iBwave export
  • Decoding of NR UE Capabilities to ASN1 decoder
  • “Not equal to” comparison added to KPI filter function
  • The option to edit the scheduler of a connected device to have improved control over the devices and a smoother operation overall

Improved features:

  • The detection of Echo Hub
  • The running of scripts with Echo Hub
  • The format in CSV exports Time field to include UTC offset
  • The performance of the cell highlighting

Additional Fixes:

  • The lookup Cell KPI item
  • The cell towers not updating after system change in the outdoor map
  • UMTS HS-PDSCH throughput displaying 0 for some phones models
  • The Cloud upload of crash-recovered measurements
  • Time Sampling action producing erroneous negative values on some parameters when using Maximum type
  • PowerPoint reports sometimes generating a file that requires repairing
  • Route coloring in KML export
  • CSV export not printing all indoor coordinates
  • LTE timing advance
  • The saving of keys field in JSON To Columns KPI action

The new 3.2.43 version of Echo Studio will be pushed to Cloud shortly and they will be offered as an automatic update on the application.

You can also check out a post about the release on our LinkedIn page, please feel free to like, comment, and share the update.

Lastly, here is a tip if you are uncertain about updating: you can always configure which version you want to be installed in the Cloud. For example, you can specify the version on a sub-account basis, assign a different version for one user for verification, and propagate the update to the rest of the users once verification testing has been done.

Happy upgrading!

Enhancell team

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