Echo Studio version 4.1.1 upgrade

We are thrilled to announce the Echo Studio version 4.1.1 upgrade!  

Among multiple other improvements, we are now also supporting custom CSV data import. This allows users to import CSV data from any other source and use Echo Studio to plot and map the imported data. 

We also added spot test functionality for indoor measurements, which will change the way indoor E2E test cases are executed and reported. The impressive cell estimation option algorithm was also improved to enhance accuracy, including an improved UI.  

CSV data import window

See the other new features/bug fixes for Echo Studio: 

  • Improved determination of cell angle in the cell detection algorithm 
  • Added possibility to change cell angle in cell estimation UI 
  • Added grouping of cells in the cell detection algorithm 
  • Added enhanced power scan and spectrum analysis support to PCTEL export 
  • Added possibility to display S-TMSI in decimal 
  • Added LTE and 5G PDCP cipher parameters 
  • Added possibility to create Quick Plot charts in Excel and PowerPoint reports 
  • Added scanner support to Time sampled CSV export 
  • Added option to change the plot marker size in KML exports 
  • Added 5G support to GNS export 
  • Added possibility to reorder result columns of KPI actions 
  • Added option to export to CSV with time sampling 
  • Added decoding for L3 ESM Message Container element 
  • Added support for Google Terrain map 
  • Added survey data KPI action 
  • Added possibility to save Quick Plot images as either PNG or JPEG 
  • Added possibility to associate channels with names 
  • Fixed CSV export showing double max value instead of an empty field for some parameters 
  • Fixed occasional missing value in 5G neighbor RSRP 
  • Fixed offset in LTE TA when in TDD band 
  • Fixed LTE PUSCH and PUCCH parameters missing in newer phones 
  • Fixed issue with publishing exports 
  • Fixed issue where the order of parameters was not retained when editing exports 
  • Fixed problem with loading DRT files 
  • Removed Wi-Fi device on Windows and Mac platforms from the add device wizard (since it is not supported) 
  • Fixed bug in cell angle value when manually changing it 
  • Fixed issue with CSV export sometimes having reverse timestamps 
  • Fixed issue with manual map adjustment not adjusting map plots properly for Quick Plots and reports 
  • Fixed issue with cell estimation performance when analyzing scanner data 
  • Fixed Wi-Fi client list to display probes without signal strength 
  • Fixed route coloring for scan values when the value is empty 
  • Fixed issue that showed the wrong RX antenna number for LTE in some cases 

PLEASE NOTE that as this is a larger update all Windows customers are advised to uninstall the old version of the software and then install the new version for the software to work properly. The new Echo Studio 4.1.1 upgrade version has been pushed to Cloud and it will be offered as an automatic update on the applications. 

Please check out the release also on our LinkedIn, and like, comment, and share the update! 

Happy upgrading! 

Enhancell team 

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