Echo tools 3.2.9 upgrade for Echo handheld tools and 3.2.10 upgrade for Echo Studio

We are happy to announce Echo tools 3.2.9 upgrade for Echo handheld tools and 3.2.10 upgrade for Echo Studio with several new features and improvements!

The new features and improvements include Google ViSQOL support, support for the new Snapdragon 888 chipset-based phones, rearranged settings, automatic indoor map cleanup, and various other bug fixes and improvements. See full descriptions of the features and product-specific upgrade lists below!

Google ViSQOL support

Introducing Google ViSQOL: an objective speech quality model with all Echo Tools. Echo tools now include support for ViSQOL voice quality measurement in addition to POLQA voice quality measurement.

Adding ViSQOL voice quality measurement to a voice call test

ViSQOL comes free of charge with all Echo tools and will be offered as an upgrade automatically to customers with a valid support plan. With ViSQOL, you can measure speech quality without any expensive licenses.  In addition, ViSQOL is a floating feature same as any other feature with Echo tools. This means that the feature is included in your Echo tool on supported phones and tablets regardless of the device’s make and model! For both POLQA and ViSQOL, Echo tools support mobile to mobile (M2M) and mobile to fix (landline) speech connections.

For more technical details on ViSQOL contact your local Enhancell sales.

Snapdragon 888 support

With this upgrade, Echo handheld tools support the latest Snapdragon 888 chipset-based phones. You can upgrade your test phones to Snapdragon 888 chipset-based phones completely free of charge due to Echo’s flexible floating licenses!

Advanced settings

Settings in Echo handheld tools have been rearranged for easier access to frequently used settings. Less frequently used settings have been moved under Advanced settings in the settings menu. This makes it quicker to browse and find those settings you need more often and on the other hand, with the new arrangement, the less used settings can be found under one category as well.

Settings menu with items moved from the previous categories to Advanced category

Indoor map cleanup

This upgrade includes also automatic indoor map cleanup for old indoor maps to save storage space in your measurement device.  The cleanup feature deletes indoor maps that have not been used for 30 days to free up space from your device. However, the maps are not lost since indoor maps are always uploaded to Cloud automatically and can also be restored from Cloud to the device at any time as long as the device is connected to the internet. 

Other new features, updates, and fixes

This release includes also various other improvements and fixes. See product-specific upgrade lists below!

Echo handheld tools

New features:

  • Support for Nokia X20 phones.
  • Support OnePlus 9 phones.
  • Support for Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset.
  • Support for ViSQOL voice quality measurement.
  • Cleaned up settings by moving some options under Advanced.
  • Setting to automatically remove indoor maps from local storage that have not been used for 30 days.

Fixed issues:

  • iPerf averages sometimes reporting receiving side value instead of the sender.
  • License technology option not always showing up for selection.
  • Numeric text edit displayed when manually configuring iPerf test.
  • Maximum rate changing in iPerf test

Echo Studio

New features

  • Description to Ask For Text in KPIs to explain how to use a variable in a script.
  • Support for CDMA, EVDO, 5G, GSM, and UMTS modulated scans to a summary report.
  • Possibility to filter report values by region.

Fixed issues:

  • Call answered event not triggering.
  • Scanner data issue in KPIs.
  • File naming issue in NMF export.
  • Maximum rate changing in iPerf test.

The new versions will be pushed to Cloud shortly and it will be offered as an automatic update.

Happy upgrading!

Enhancell team

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