Echo tools 3.2.40 upgrade

We are happy to announce that the Echo tools 3.2.40 upgrade with several new features, fixes, and improvements is out now!

The main update for Android tools is the support for Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 along with updated 5G standalone parameters. In addition, the new version supports also looping in scripts that allow more flexibility and options for script test generation.

The main new features for Echo Studio in this release include improved workflow and a custom KPI functionality along with added support for loops in scripting for more flexibility. In addition, the new version supports macOS Monterey, and comes with various stability and other bug fixes.

Full lists of  new features, updates, and fixes

This release includes also various other new features, improvements, and fixes. See full descriptions of the features and product-specific upgrade lists below!

Echo handheld tools

Added features:

  • 5G SA parameters to user interface
  • Support for loops in scripts
  • Tracking Area Changed event
  • A warning if connected scanner is not scanning when the recording is started

Echo Studio

Added features:

  • “JSON To Columns” action to KPI editor
  • The possibility to run external scripts in workflows
  • 5G SA parameters to user interface
  • support for loops in scripts
  • Tracking Area Changed event
  • possibility to reorder items by drag & drop in list view
  • A warning if connected scanner is not scanning when the recording is started
  • The possibility to import and export workflows

Improved features:

  • Rotated chart legend has been changed to write row titles only once
  • KML export has been changed to use fixed unit for throughput values
  • Throughput values have been changed to use the same unit throughout the measurement in CSV export
  • Automator Python editor has been improved
  • Python has been updated from version 2.7 to 3.10
  • Requirement for separate converter license has been removed
  • Reports and Quick Plots have been changed to embed color scheme data
  • Logic of RRC and Handover events has been improved
  • AT commands dialog has been improved to display input and output trail

Additional Fixes:

  • device ID, type and model values in the KPIs
  • The copying of scripts
  • Outdoor map position not automatically focusing on device change
  • Issue with file roll crashing occasionally
  • Ubertooth to keep running without restarting when doing recordings
  • Freezing issue when converting multiple measurements
  • Dome events not showing on the map
  • test direction in the test results
  • The ping test execution
  • The route colouring for joined measurements when routes are drawn with a frame
  • The two-way ping test
  • issues with PCTEL export
  • Joining rolled measurements giving wrong start time in certain situations
  • GSM FER missing with some phone models
  • The possibility to load indoor maps that do not have tab file inside
  • The RRC drop events missing
  • The issue with fit to data and manual map adjustment not working with Quick plots in some indoor measurements
  • All band names not being displayed in the locking menu
  • Crash issue when launching scheduled task
  • The operator parameter for remote devices
  • Issue where colors did not match color set in KML and KMZ exports

The new version will be pushed to Cloud shortly and it will be offered as an automatic update. You can also check the post about the update on our LinkedIn profile.

In addition, a tip if you are uncertain about updating: you can always configure the version you want to be installed in the Cloud. The version can be specified on a sub-account basis, so you can assign a different version for one user for verification and propagate the update to the rest of the users once verification testing has been done.

Happy upgrading!

Enhancell team

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