Echo tools version 4.1 upgrade

We are happy to announce the Echo tools 4.1 upgrade!

With this upgrade we are introducing a new feature called the indoor spot measurement mode. See full descriptions of the feature and an upgrade list below.

The indoor spot measurement mode allows E2E multi-system and multi-test measurements with a single test terminal. The new feature allows, for example, the configuration of different customized test cases (e.g. uplink and downlink speedtest, voice call, etc.) in selected areas/spots of interest within any indoor environment like buildings, tunnels, etc. with a single phone. Moreover, Echo spot mode allows system locking which enables cycling through all available systems and running tests separately for them at an indoor spot. Therefore, the spot measurement mode enables you to minimize the number of test phones you need to carry when making full indoor coverage and performance tests.  

the indoor spot measurement mode

See upgrade lists below:

Other new features/bug fixes for Echo One/FT/Plus

  • Added possibility to display S-TMSI in decimal
  • Added LTE and 5G PDCP cipher parameters
  • Added 5G NCI to show in top info bar when on 5G SA
  • Improved top info bar to show whether 5G band is SA or NSA
  • Changed reset credentials to be check box in the release license dialog
  • Fixed IMSI not always getting stored in the files
  • Fixed issue with release locks on app exit sometimes causing diagnostics to shutdown until reboot

The new Echo tools 4.1 upgrade version will be pushed to Cloud shortly and it will be offered as an automatic update on the applications.

You can also check out a post about the release on our LinkedIn, please feel free to like, comment, and share the update!

Lastly, here is a tip if you are uncertain about updating: you can always configure which version you want to be installed in the Cloud. For example, you can specify the version on a sub-account basis, assign a different version for one user for verification, and propagate the update to the rest of the users once verification testing has been done.

Happy upgrading!

Enhancell team

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