Echo tools 4.1.20 update 

We are happy to announce an update for Echo tools! Version 4.1.20 is out now.  

This update focuses on improving the stability of our tools and is highly recommended to be installed. We have also added new features to make Echo tools even more user-friendly and flexible to use. Other fixes have also been made. See the full update list below! 


New features and improvements 

  • Cloud address field update – We have simplified the login process by adding a separate Cloud server field to the login screen to simplify the login when using dedicated servers
  • QR code update – For an even easier login process, we added the possibility to scan Cloud credentials from a QR code
Echo login update showing the new QR code login possibility available with the version 4.1.20 update.


  • Fixed NR 5G bandwidth showing the wrong value in specific cases  
  • Fixed an issue with the license dialog not disappearing when a license is acquired in some rare situations  
  • Fixed a memory leak issue that caused instability in some situations when the app was running for a long period 
  • Added missing LTE trace versions  

The new versions will be pushed to Cloud shortly and they will be offered as an automatic update.  

Happy updating! 
Enhancell team 

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