Echo Trek II official launch

We are extremely happy to announce the latest addition to our Enhancell Echo product family: Echo Trek II backpack for benchmarking campaigns and drive and walk surveys!

Echo Trek II backpack

Echo Trek II backpack is a next-generation custom-designed solution for drive and walk surveys. It is a convenient, compact, and cost-effective solution to make benchmarking with both outdoor and indoor measurements easier than ever.

Echo Trek II is a standalone system that comes with slots for 10 phones (size 17.5 x 8 cm, fits up to even 7.58” screen), 2 USB hubs, a mini controller PC, a battery, and its charger. In addition, Echo Trek II can support 4 more phones externally and includes an improved active ventilation system, and all required customized cables. In conclusion, Echo Trek II enables the use of several different measurement set-ups combining phones up to 10 + 4 devices in one backpack.

Echo Trek II device frame fully equipped

The devices placed in Echo Trek II can be controlled by a tablet via BlueTooth or Wi-Fi or remotely via our Echo Cloud online service to support all use cases: measuring in different vehicles, outdoors, and indoors. Echo Trek II supports over 180 different phones with up to 7.58” screens which makes the replacing and upgrading of phones easy!

Echo Trek II comes with a standard built-in battery* providing more than 10 hours of continuous usage. It is also designed to charge the battery and the phones from a single power input.

In addition to the smart power system, Echo Trek II is designed for optimum airflow to ensure that devices stay at operating temperature even during long walk tests.

*Please note that currently, we are shipping the battery and its charger only to Finland due to flight cargo safety regulations. Customers in EU countries, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom can get the battery and its charger shipped to their country directly from the supplier.

Discreet and convenient backpack design

The waterproof materials and the padding are designed to keep all the phones and equipment protected while making the backpack convenient and comfortable to carry even for longer walk tests.

Echo Trek II is a low-profile backpack with a fully integrated design that allows measurements to be performed discreetly while avoiding any disturbances.

Echo Trek backpack design

The main differences between Echo Trek I and Echo Trek II

  • Phones used in Echo Trek II do not need to be rooted. This means that the process of setting up the Echo Trek II devices is more convenient than ever. Simply plug the devices in and you are good to go! However, please remember that the phones must be from our supported phones list. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee their functionality.
  • The devices can be connected via Wi-Fi which ensures better reliability with the connection and allows a longer distance between the controlling tablet tool and the backpack.
  • Improved cooling system with three larger fans at the bottom of the device frame.

Echo Trek II ventilation

  • The backpack includes a display for battery level for an easy check-up of charging needs.

Echo Trek II power and ventilation switches, and battery level display

  • Echo Trek II enables support for up to 10 phones and 4 external phones at a time with the USB hub. This is a significant increase from the previous 6 phones in one backpack. However, please note that the phones must be from our supported phones list. When connected to the hub, the phones can also be remotely controlled via Echo Cloud.

Updating Echo Trek I to Echo Trek II

Please note that for those customers who have already purchased Echo Trek I, it is easy to update the first version of the Echo Trek backpack to Echo Trek II. They only need to purchase the device frame; the fabric backpack itself is the same and can accommodate the device frame of either Echo Trek I or Echo Trek II.

More information and contact information for full details

Check out also the product page of Echo Trek II on our website here. You can also check out a post about Echo Trek II on our LinkedIn profile.

For full details of the product please contact our sales at and request a brochure and/or a free demo.

Happy launching!

Enhancell team

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