Echo Verify official launch

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new addition to the Echo product family – Echo Verify! This state-of-the-art site commissioning tool confirms that a cell tower is RFC (ready for customer) and ensures that cells are operating according to the planned parameters. Perform all necessary tests and validate all significant KPIs on a cell site with Echo Verify.

Multi-technology (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, NSA/SA) and support for over 180 phones, Echo Verify is a versatile and affordable tool. In addition, the software comes with a Cloud dashboard, which provides configuration and result reporting remotely in real-time.

Customizable and fully configurable test cases offer you the freedom to perform the tests which benefit you the most. The Cloud dashboard synchronizes cell file test cases and has a seamless test result upload for central reporting and documentation. Operator-specific reporting and various other options for customizing your reports enable you to create reports with the exact information you need.

Enhancell’s flexible licensing has affordable solutions for you to choose from. The costs are affordable and are tied to the capacity of the site or project in question. In addition, Enhancell’s floating license concept enables sharing of licenses between field technician teams.

Echo Verify is an easy-to-use tool with software that guides the user through all the measurements. Echo Verify enables fully remote work and syncs seamlessly with commercial phones and, additionally, allows you to schedule tests via the Cloud dashboard.

More information and contact information for full details

Check out the product page for Echo Verify on our product pages to find out more detailed information about the product.

For full details of the product please contact our sales at and request a brochure and/or a free demo.

Happy launching!

Enhancell team

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