Echo tools 4.1.26 update for Echo handheld tools 

We are happy to announce Echo tools 4.1.26 update for handheld tools! Echo One, Echo Lite, Echo FT, and Echo Plus have all been updated to a new version.    

The update focuses on added parameters, improvements, and some bug fixes. See full descriptions of the updates listed below! 


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Echo tools 4.1.20 update 

We are happy to announce an update for Echo tools! Version 4.1.20 is out now.  

This update focuses on improving the stability of our tools and is highly recommended to be installed. We have also added new features to make Echo tools even more user-friendly and flexible to use. Other fixes have also been made. See the full update list below! 


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Echo scanners product launch

We are excited to announce the launch of three new exclusive scanners to our Echo product family: Echo Scanbox, Echo Scanbox Pro, and Echo ScanMaster! These Echo scanners are state-of-the-art solutions to take your network testing to the next level. Three different scanner models for multiple different use cases combined with revolutionary pricing. These products add to the flexibility of our solutions and expand our already extensive product family. 


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Echo Studio version 4.1.1 upgrade

We are thrilled to announce the Echo Studio version 4.1.1 upgrade!  

Among multiple other improvements, we are now also supporting custom CSV data import. This allows users to import CSV data from any other source and use Echo Studio to plot and map the imported data. 

We also added spot test functionality for indoor measurements, which will change the way indoor E2E test cases are executed and reported. The impressive cell estimation option algorithm was also improved to enhance accuracy, including an improved UI.  

CSV data import window
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Echo tools version 4.1 upgrade

We are happy to announce the Echo tools 4.1 upgrade!

With this upgrade we are introducing a new feature called the indoor spot measurement mode. See full descriptions of the feature and an upgrade list below.

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Follow us on LinkedIn

We would like to invite you to follow our LinkedIn company page, we post weekly updates relating to our products and company news. Below you can find examples of some of the topics we have covered lately.

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Echo Verify official launch

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new addition to the Echo product family – Echo Verify! This state-of-the-art site commissioning tool confirms that a cell tower is RFC (ready for customer) and ensures that cells are operating according to the planned parameters. Perform all necessary tests and validate all significant KPIs on a cell site with Echo Verify.

Multi-technology (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, NSA/SA) and support for over 180 phones, Echo Verify is a versatile and affordable tool. In addition, the software comes with a Cloud dashboard, which provides configuration and result reporting remotely in real-time.

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Echo Scanbox official launch

We are extremely happy to announce the latest addition to our Enhancell Echo product family: Echo Scanbox! This ultra-lightweight, pocket-size compact design product is perfect for field testing. Scanbox also supports multi-technology, multi-carrier, and multi-band parallel testing.

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Echo product family update to version 4.0.14

We are happy to announce a new version 4.0.14 upgrade for the Echo product family! Echo One, Echo Studio, Echo FT, Echo Lite, and Echo Plus have all been updated to version 4.0.14. This update includes a range of new 5G features including added parameters for 5G RLC and PDCP radio bearers, added parameters for 5G SA carrier aggregation, and added 5G SINR parameter for antennas (0, 1, 2, 3).  Also, additional improvements and several bug fixes have been made. See full list of the upgrades by continuing reading.

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Echo Analyzer product launch

We are happy to announce the Echo Analyzer product launch!

In the Echo Analyzer product launch, we present a new member to the Echo product line: Echo Analyzer, a versatile network testing post-processing solution designed specially to process and manage a large amount of log data. In addition, Echo Analyzer offers powerful optimization and troubleshooting capabilities and super flexible auto-reporting functions that enable you to design and generate reports with easy drag & drop.

Echo Analyzer Desktop User Interface

Echo Analyzer product launch:  Desktop User Interface with several different views visible: file folder structure, list, map, and different chart views.
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