Echo product line 3.2 upgrade including new UI features, customized measurement view sharing for handheld tools, and more!

We are delighted to announce Echo product line 3.2. with several new features and improvements!

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Echo product line 3.1.17 update with significant improvements

We are happy to announce an update for all Echo tools! These new versions introduce new functionalities such as support for more 5G parameters, improved map zoom, more detailed call failure detection and synchronization of custom views via Cloud, and various other minor improvements.

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Echo product line 3.1.5 upgrade with improved License Administration and added UE information

We are pleased to announce Echo product line 3.1.5 upgrade with major new features. This upgrade streamlines license administration and brings several technical improvements to the table making our Echo solution more convenient than ever!

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Echo product line 3.1 upgrade with HiSilicon (Huawei) chipset support and new, improved User Interface

We are pleased to announce Echo product line 3.1 with full official support for HiSilicon (Huawei) chipsets and significant UI improvements. This upgrade widens the range of handsets supported by Echo even further and adds to the flexibility of our solution substantially. What is more, the support for the new chipset does not affect the flexibility of our licensing. Our licenses are universal which means that they can be transferred not only between different handsets but also between handsets with different chipsets at no additional cost!

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Support for 5G with Snapdragon 865

We are happy to announce that the latest Echo 3.0 versions support Snapdragon 865 chipset based phones. Echo tools have been verified to work with OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, which expands the selection of Echo supported commercial phones even further.

In addition to latest Qualcomm X55 modem features, OnePlus 8 models support also various new bands for 5G.

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Echo product line 3.0 release with full 5G measurement capabilities

We are happy to announce Echo 3.0 release with a complete 5G testing product line. This upgrade supports measurements for a wide range of 5G parameters ensuring the full advantages of 5G measurement for our customers. In addition, Echo product line 3.0 introduces a variety of new features making your Echo product more powerful than ever!

Leverage from the EU

Enhancell Ltd is developing its operations with the help of European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Enhancell Ltd has been granted development support from the European Regional Development Fund under the Leverage from the EU 2014-2020 program for the period of February 2 – June 30, 2020.

The support is targeted for investing in 5G licenses to enable the development of 5G network testing software for indoor measurement.

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COVID-19 impact on Enhancell

Our company, like many others, has taken steps to follow the officials’
recommendations and regulations to ensure our employees’ safety, and to keep
our operations running as usual at the same time. Our company is promoting for
our employees to telecommute during this time. However, since our team is
international and spread across the globe, telecommunication has always been
part of our work culture. Therefore, the current situation has had very little to no
effect on our operations.

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Echo 2.8 upgrade

We are happy to announce an upgrade to our Echo product family. This new 2.8 upgrade makes Echo product-line 5G ready and also introduces various new features making your Echo product more powerful than ever.
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Echo 2.7 verified to work with Android 9 Pie devices

Oulu, Finland.

We are happy to announce update of version 2.7 to Echo product-line that will expand compatibility of Echo handheld tools to even wider selection of commercial Android handsets. The new 2.7 version includes now support for latest Android devices including the Android 9 Pie devices.

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