Our products

Echo product suite offers perfect solutions for all your network measurement needs, from measurement to analysis. Each tool comes with free Cloud integration that makes the network measurement process easier than ever.

Echo One

Advanced mobile network testing solution that runs directly on a commercial handset.

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Echo Plus

Easy-to-use portable benchmarking solution. Can control up to 7 devices simultaneously, including a scanner, and runs on a wide variety of commercial tablets.

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Echo Studio

Desktop measurement, playback, and analysis solution with swift and easy report production.

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Echo Cloud

Online cloud service to control and manage Echo tools, licenses, measurement log files, and much more.

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Echo Trek

Custom-designed lightweight backpack solution for drive and walk surveys. It is a convenient, compact, and cost-effective solution to make benchmarking with both outdoor and indoor measurements easier than ever.

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ZK products

SAMp is compact, portable and easy-to-use data collection tool for indoor measurements.

MPX is a unique all-in-one solution for indoor and outdoor benchmarking.

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