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Echo Analyzer is a versatile network testing post-processing solution that can process and manage a large amount of log data, offering powerful optimization and troubleshooting capabilities and super flexible auto-reporting functions that enable the user to design and generate reports with easy drag & drop.

Echo Analyzer can process large numbers of log files and store the terabyte’s data in a cost-free open-source database. The customizable data hierarchy management enables the user to freely organize data by data attributes such as timestamp, device label, operator, test iteration, and/or user-defined attributes. The user can analyze the data at any hierarchy level as a composite dataset and generate reports. Combined with the powerful data filtering functions, Echo Analyzer’s data management can also help to quickly narrow down specific data and make it easy to post-process the cluster or crowdsourced data.

Echo Analyzer’s private cloud platform can even handle bigger data by configuring a computer cluster with multiple databases, allowing multi-location data parallel processing, centralized data storage, and cloud access.

With easy drag & drop, the report template builder enables the user to create unlimited report templates that can be used to generate comprehensive acceptance reports, management reports, benchmark and rollout reports, Layer 3-based parameter audits, and interference detection reports.

The workflow from monitoring new log data, processing the data, and generating reports according to a schedule, to the delivery of the reports can be fully customized and automated.

Echo Analyzer is a software-only product and it runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Its licensing is delivered via our online cloud service. This revolutionary cloud-based solution is completely independent of physical production chains. Thus, the deliveries and manufacturing capabilities are stable, swift, and flexible.

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