Echo 2.7 is now available

Oulu, Finland.

We are happy to announce an update for all Echo tools. This new version 2.7 introduces various new features and improvements.

Speedtest testing

We added fully automated way of testing throughputs against servers. Closest/best server is automatically picked up for you so all you need to do is to select that do you want to test uplink or downlink and for how long.

Support for LTE Rel 14

We updated all of our RRC and Layer 3 decoders for Rel 14. Also we added full support for 256QAM measurements. 

Improved WIFI measurements

In addition to dedicated WIFI measurement view we added better indicators showing when data testing is done over cellular or WIFI network. This in combination of separate cellular and WIFI data control in script makes new 2.7 a powerful WIFI tool.

Compatibility with iBwave Mobile Note

We confirmed full compatibility with cellular and WIFI measurements with iBwave Mobile Note app allowing seamless map and data sharing between the apps.

Connect to devices via cloud

Connecting to Echo Ones via cloud is now also possible on Echo Plus tablet tool. This feature that has been available already in Echo Studio allow remote connection to Echo One using cellular data. 

Pause measurements

We added possibility for pause of measurement. So now if you are making a quick transfer inside a building you can simply pause the measurement and resume when you are at new location.  When plotting data the the paused portion of data will be omitted from plots.

And it is FREE!

And if you are under software support or if you are renting our tools then this 2.7 update is 100% FREE for you.

So go ahead and update to 2.7 and start making most out of your Echo toolset. This completely free 2.7 update will be available via cloud immediately.

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