Smart recovery now on all Echo Tools

Oulu, Finland.

We are happy to announce new release for all of our Echo products. This new version incorporates smart recovery and improved error notifications.

Smart Recovery

If you have ever had phone or data collection software to restart during measurement or maybe you have suddenly run out of battery in midst of measurement and phone has cut power off, then you know what a pain it is to re-measure the data.

Our new smart crash recovery ensures that no matter what happens you will not be missing more than 10 seconds of your log files. When coupled with easy file joining in Echo Studio it takes all headaches out of crashing.

In case of crash you don’t have to do anything to recover. Next time you start Echo it will automatically recover the data and will upload the recovered log file to cloud. So you can continue measuring from the location where you are. No re-measuring needed.

 Smart notifications

To make sure that you are aware of all potential issues that could affect data collection, we’ve also greatly improved the error notification in case something unexpected is happening. You will now get clear indications of critical situations that may occur during measurement, like loss of connection, problems with collecting network measurements, running out of battery etc.

All these features combined make it very unlikely you lose any measurement data ever again!

And it is FREE!

And if you are under software support or if you are renting our tools then this 2.7.6 update is 100% FREE for you.

So go ahead and update to 2.7.6 and start making most out of your Echo toolset.

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