Major upgrade to ZK SAM and ZK MPX

Oulu, Finland.

We are very happy to announce a major upgrade to the ZK SAM and ZK MPX products. This is one of many updates to come for these products as they are now part of the Enhancell product family.

New Tablet software
Tablet  software v 1.4.2 now includes single click updates and cloud integration for easy log file transfers.
The new version supports a much wider variety of tablets including the very latest Android Oreo devices. While we have completely updated the software we have kept the same UI as in the older version, so it will be familiar to use.

We also are introducing an add on software for phones that allows scripted measurement execution for voice calls and various data tests including Youtube and Speedtest. 

New firmware
Firmware 14.001 Introduces support for the latest phones including the Samsung S7 and S8 variants.
Cloud Integration
Now all the SAM and MPX products  with valid support agreements come with 1GB of cloud storage. The Cloud allows easy transfer and sharing of log files from units for post processing.
If you have valid a support agreement you will get this upgrade free of charge. If you don’t have valid support agreement but would like to get the upgrade then contact us for support renewal.
Bonus offer valid until end of year
If you renew your SAM or MPX support you will get Echo Studio Analysis for 12 months free of charge.

If you are interested contact Enhancell ( or ZK Celltest ( for more information.

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